Not resting on its success as a leading motorcycle manufacturer since 1948, Honda entered the car market in the early 1960s and launched its first offering on the American market in 1970. Proof that it is now a market leader lies in the fact that it currently has three passenger cars leading the field as top sellers in their segments in the USA.

Fighting Above its Weight

The Honda N600 was introduced to America at a time when Pontiac’s Trans-Am was king of the road, but this Honda that measured only about 10 feet in length and weighed 1210 pounds became a serious contender when the oil crisis struck in 1973. However, the car’s reliability soon drew accolades and buyers from across the country. Having established a solid reputation, Honda added the Civic to its line-up. The popularity of the initial 2-door model has since seen several generations of the car grow up and adapt to fill a more upmarket niche. Leather interiors, power locks and windows and satellite navigation are only a few incentives offered today, which is a far cry from the early AM radio that was intended to lure buyers. The Civic remained a top seller in Canada for 14 years and has often topped the list in the USA; particularly in California.

In Complete Accord

If the Honda Civic had undergone significant changes in its many reincarnations, then the Honda Accord boasts an evolution that is possibly even more impressive. What was once the most popular, mid-size 4-door sedan has now grown into a full-size car that has bred a diverse family of vehicles, which includes the four-wheel-drive Accord Crosstour. But, it is the sedan that remains at the top of its class with its more aggressive design that sports upswept headlights and a wider front fascia. The 2014 eighth generation Accord boasts leather seats a noise cancellation system, an all-electric steering system and a LaneWatch facility that monitors that tricky blind spot far better than mirrors do.

Chief selling points of the Honda Accord are its handling, reliability and a mechanical subsystem that works harmoniously. The 3.5-liter V6 engine that pushes 278 horsepower at 6,200 rpm offers surprising fuel efficiency figures of 21 miles to the gallon in the city and 34 on the open road. This is aided in part by the Accord’s ability to perform well utilising only half of its cylinders. Taking it all into account removes any doubt as to why the Honda Accord is one of this year’s top sellers.