Honda have worked, slowly and quietly, since 1959; improving their engines, performances and readily embracing clean, green practises. As a result Honda has grown to be the world’s largest motorcycle provider and ranks eighth in the world for car production. If you are looking for the best information about your favourite Honda vehicle or simply want to know more about the brand before you buy your first Honda, the following magazines are well worth reading.

Car Magazine

Car Magazine is not specific to Honda products, being devoted to the wider world of motoring. However, there are often lengthy and informative pieces about the latest Honda offerings and it is an excellent place to see fair and impartial reviews and comparisons between Honda vehicles and those from other manufacturers.

Auto Express

Auto Express offers a wealth of ‘sound bites’ about a huge variety of cars and other vehicles. This enables the reader to quickly skim through a wide range of vehicles before narrowing down his or her choices to a shortlist of cars to be considered in more detail. Once again, not devoted solely to Honda products, this magazine is great for the car lover in a hurry to see and understand everything that is out there, before making any decisions.

Honda Tuning Magazine

This magazine is devoted to everything Honda. There are editorials about new Honda products and advice on how to get the most out of your Honda. There is also plenty of information about Honda related events throughout the year and in a variety of locales as well as plenty of room for the readers to submit the story of their own rebuild. The magazine offers an exciting mix of conventional advertising product pushes and unconventional tales of those who dared to mix it up a little, leaving plenty of leeway for any Honda aficionado to find their own place in the Honda universe!