Poker runs are a dream come true for car enthusiasts. They really give people the chance to get out in the car that they love and explore an area whilst also competing and enjoying camaraderie with other teams, they are a win for everyone. If you are looking to raise some money for a charity, you really can’t go wrong with a poker run.

What is a Poker Run?

Poker runs involve inviting teams to travel around a city or town, stopping at five or more pre-determined checkpoints along the way. At each checkpoint, they will pick up a poker card. Once they have their hand, they have to get to the finish point where the team with the best poker hand will be declared the winners. They are super easy to organise, you just might want to brush up on your poker skills to ensure you are making the right judgement calls, but you can head to Absolute Poker and learn from them.

How can I make it even more fun?

Poker runs tend to be more successful when there are also mini-games that participants can play either at checkpoints are at the finish line. They just add to the fun and can be used as another way to award prizes. Remember, those who participate in poker runs tend to be car enthusiasts, so if you can include their car in the game it is always appreciated.

Games you could try include having participants hold onto a piece of popcorn kernel using their mouths and a plastic straw whilst they walk around their car, with the fastest time winning. You could also do the blind finish line game, where you have a driver stop at one line with the finish line in sight. Then you blindfold them and tell them to stop as close to the finish line as they can with the winner being the participant who stops nearest to the line. There are plenty of games you could play if you look around and use your imagination.