The automobile manufacturer Honda has produced a variety of popular vehicles for decades. So, there are a great many enthusiasts who wish to exchange their opinions, chat or provide modification tips. Now that we live in the age of the Internet, there are a number of interactive forums which will cater to this hobby. What are some of the best Honda forums currently available?


This forum is your one-stop-shop for all things related to Honda. Here, you will be able to peruse any upcoming meetings or automotive events, discuss countless technical aspects of every Honda model in existence or simply make virtual friends. Keep in mind that this forum is oriented around the more technical aspects of Honda.

Super Honda

Super Honda has been in operation for over ten years and it is considered to be the oldest forum available. This is a great resource if you have recently joined the community of Honda owners, as it will give you a general overview regarding a host of interesting topics. It is easy to navigate and trending posts can be followed with the click of a button. Offering photo galleries, classifieds and links to relevant sites, Super Honda is not to be missed.

Honda Forums is a final portal worth visiting. While there is a general meeting room, many discussions are based around the model of car in question. So, this site is excellent if you have a certain query about a specific car.

These are three of the top Honda forums that are currently available. Providing you with insight, clarity and the chance to meet other Honda enthusiasts, these communities are both informative and fun!